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Колесный экскаватор 200W-7.
200W-7The ROBEX 200W-7 provides outstanding performance, working harder and faster in a variety of job conditions. Hyundai’s ROBEX 7 series features a comfortable operator environment with advanced ergonomics.

Even more visibility than before, for safer, more efficient operating.

Excellent Ventilation.
- Ventilation has been improved by the addition of the larger fresh air intake system, and by providing additional air flow throughout the cab.
- Sliding front and side windows provide improved ventilation.
- A large sunroof offers upward visibility and additional ventilation.

Comfortable Operator Environment.
- The control levers and seat can be adjusted to provide maximum operator comfort.
- The seat is fully adjustable for optimum operating position, reducing operator fatigue.
- Console boxes slide forward and backward for improved accessibility.
- The proportional pressure controls reduce unnecessary exertion while ensuring precise operation.
- Large windows allow excellent visibility in all directions.

Low noise design.
- The Robex 7 series was designed with low operation noise in mind.
- Hyundai engineering helps to keep interior and exterior noise levels to a minimum.
- The cab's noise levels have been additionally reduced by improving the door seals for the cab and engine compartments.
- An insulated diesel engine compartment with sound-damping material also reduces noise.

Advanced CAPO System.
The advanced CAPO(Computer Aided Power Optimization) system maintains engine and mutual pump power at optimum levels. Mode selections are designed for various work loads and maintaining high performance while reducing fuel consumption.
The advanced CAPO(Computer Aided Power Optimization) system maintains engine and mutual pump power at optimum levels. Mode selections are designed for various work loads and maintaining high performance while reducing fuel consumption.

Self Diagnosis System.
The CPU controller diagnoses problems in the CAPO system caused by electric and hydraulic malfunctions and displays them on the LCD monitor of the cluster through error codes. This controller has the capacity to identify 48 distinct types of errors. As the information from this device, such as engine rpm, main pump delivery pressure, battery voltage, hyd. temperature, and the state of all types of electric switches, provides the operator with a much more exact state of machine operating condition.
This makes the machine easier to troubleshoot when anything does go wrong.

Arm Flow Regeneration System.
Arm flow regeneration valve provides smooth arm-in operation without cavitation.

Boom & Arm Holding System.
The Holding valves in the main control valve prevents the boom & arm from dropping over an extended period in neutral position.

One Touch Decel System.
When the one touch decel switch is pressed, CPU controller controls the accel actuator to reduce engine speed to 1000 rpm. And then the one touch decel switch is pressed again, the engine speed recovers.

Auto Deceleration System.
When remotecontrol valves are in neutral position more than 4 seconds, CPU controller instructs the accel actuator to reduce engine speed to 1200rpm. This decreases fuel consumption and reduces cab noise levels.

Max. Flow Cut-off System.
For precise control and finishing work, the Max. Flow Cut-off System reduces pump flow, thus allowing smooth operation.

Pump Flow Control System.
In neutral position: Pump flow is reduced to a minimum to eliminate power loss. In operation: Maximum pump flow is delivered to the actuator to increase the speed. With movement of the control lever, pump flow is automatically adjusted and the actuator speed can be proportionally controlled.

Hydraulic Damper in Travel Pedal.
Improved travel controllability & feeling by shock reducing when starting and stopping.

Automatic Engine Overheat Prevention.
If the engine coolant temperature gets too high, the CPU controller lowers the engine speed and cools the engine.

Anti Restart System.
The new system protects the starter from restarting during engine operation, even if the operator accidentally turns the start key again.

Power boost control System.
When the power boost system is activated, digging power increases about 10%.
It is especially useful when extra power is temporarily needed, for instance, when digging hard earth and rock, or if the bucket teeth are stopped by a stubborn tree root.

Automatic Warming-up System.
After the engine is started, if the engine coolant temperature is low, the CPU controller increases the engine speed and automatically increases the pump flow rate to warm up the engine more effectively.

Strong and Stable Lower Frame.
Reinforced box-section frame is all welded, low-stress, high-strength steel. It guarantees safety and resistance against external impact when driving on rough ground and working on wet sites through high tensile strength steel panels, with protection cover for transmission.

Large Toolbox & Safe Footholds.
Anti-slip footholds and wide toolbox improved safety and convenience.

Powerful Dozer Blade and Dozer Blade Cylinder Guard.
Large size blade’s plate and cover that protect cylinder improved efficiency of work and durability of equipment.

Powerful and Preciser Swing Control.
Improved shock absorbing characteristics make stopping a precise and smooth action.

The four cylinders, turbo-charged, 4 cycle, charger air cooled engine is built for power, reliability, economy and low emissions.

A More Reliable Way To Reach You Dream.
The Cummins B5.9-C engine has been designed with 40% fewer parts than the competition. That means there's less that can go wrong when you need it most. It also means fewer parts to inventory. Repairs are simplified because no special tools are needed for maintenance. The weight of the machine is reduced without sacrificing strength.
The B5.9-C engine is capable of reaching emission standards without electronic engine controls. You get a proven power plant that meets ecological concerns, without paying a premium for technology you don’t need.

Reinforced Bucket and Bucket Linkage.
Sealed and adjustable bucket linkage provides less wear of pins and bushes as well as silent operation.The design includes bucket link durability and anti wear characteristics.
Additional reinforcement plates on cutting edge section. Reinforced bucket is made with thicker steel and additional lateral plate.

Minimization of Shock and Vibration through Cab Mounting System.
The application of Viscous Mounting to the cabin support provides the operator with a much improved ride. The operator work efficiency will increase as the shock and noise level in the cabin decreases.

Reliability and Serviceability.

Easy to Maintain Engine Components.
The cooling and preheating system are provided for optimum and immediate operation, guaranteeing longer life for the engine and hydraulic components. Servicing of the engine and hydraulics is considerably simplified due to total accessibility.

Side Cover with Left & Right Swing Open Type.
Easy access to vital components gives unrestricted view of component allows easy maintenance and repair.

Easy to Access and Battery Master Switch.
Battery and master switch on equipment forehead enable to check and maintain easily.

Centralized Electric Control Box and Easy Change Air Cleaner Assembly.
Electric control box and Air cleaner are centralized in one or the same compartment for easy service.

Highly Efficient Hydraulic Pump.
Pump output and Hydraulic tank capacity have been increased.
A pilot pump has been installed resulting in improved control sensitivity.

Large Capacity Fuel and Hydraulic Tank.
The capacity of fuel and hydraulic tank is increased to extend the working time. Durability of structure proven through FEM(Finite Element Method) analysis and long term durability test.


Model Cummins B5.9-C
Type Water cooled, 4 cycle Diesel, 6-Cylinders in line, direct injection, turbocharged, charge air cooled and low emission
Rated flywheel horse power SAE J1995 (gross) 166 HP (124 kW) at 1950 rpm
J1349 (net) 153 HP (114 kW) at 1950 rpm
DIN 6271/1 (gross) 168 PS (124 kW) at 1950 rpm
6271/1 (net) 155 PS (114 kW) at 1950 rpm
Max. torque 68.4 kgf.m(495 lbf.ft) at 1500 rpm
Bore x stroke 102 x 120 mm(4.02” x 4.72”)
Piston 5,880 cc (359 cu in)
Batteries 2 x 12V x 100 AH
Starting motor Nippon denso (24 V, 4.5 kW)
Alternator 24V, 50A

Hydraulic system.

Main pump
Type Two variable displacement piston pumps
Max. flow 2 x 220 min (58.1 US gpm / 48.4 UKgpm)
Sub-pump for pilot circuit Gear pump
Cross-sensing and fuel saving pump system
Hydraulic motors
Travel Two speed axial piston motor with brake valve
Swing Axial piston motor with automatic brake
Relief valve setting
Implement circuits 330 kgf/cm2 (4690 psi)
Travel 360 kgf/cm2 (5120 psi)
Power boost (boom, arm, bucket) 360 kgf/cm2 (5120 psi)
Swing circuit 240 kgf/cm2 (3410 psi)
Pilot circuit 40 kgf/cm2 ( 570 psi)
Service valve Installed
Hydraulic cylinders
No. of cylinderbore x rod x stroke Boom 2-120x 85x1290 mm (4.7”x3.3”x50.8”)
Arm 1-140x100x1510 mm (5.5”x3.9”x59.4”)
Bucket 1-125x 85x1055 mm (4.9”x3.3”x41.5”)
Blade 2-120x 85x 226 mm (4.7”x3.3”x 8.9”)
Outrigger 2-130x 80x 427 mm (5.1”x3.1”x16.8”)

Drives & Brakes.

Drive method Fully hydrostatic type
Drive motor Axial piston motor, in-shoe design
Max. drawbar pull 10,800 kgf (23,800 lbf)
Max. travel speed(high) / (low) 33 km/hr (20.5 mph) / 8.5 km/hr (5.3 mph)
Gradeability 31.5° (61 %)
Parking brake Multi wet disc

Axles & Wheels.

Full floating front axles is supported by center pin for oscillation. It can be locked by oscillation lock cylinders.
Rear axle is fixed on the lower chassis.
Tires : 10.00-20-14PR, Dual (tube type), Option : 10.00-20, Dual (solid type)

Swing system.

Swing motor Axial piston motor
Swing reduction 2-stage planetary
Swing bearing lubrication Grease-bathed
Swing brake Automatic, spring applied hydraulic released
Swing speed 12.5 rpm

Steering System.
Hydraulically actuated, orbitrol type steering system actuates on front wheels through the steering cylinders.

Min. turning radius 6690 mm (21’ 11”)

Pilot pressure operated joysticks and pedals with detachable lever provide almost effortless and fatigueless operation.

Pilot control Two joysticks with one safety lever (LH): Swing and arm, (RH): Boom and bucket(ISO)
Engine throttle Electric, Dial type
External lights Two lights mounted on the boom and one under the cabin

Coolant & Lubricant capacity.

(refilling) liter US gal UK gal
Fuel tank 310.0 81.9 68.2
Engine coolant 35.0 9.2 7.7
Engine oil 14.2 3.8 3.1
Swing device 5 1.3 1.1
Axle (Front/Rear) 16.0 /16.0 4.2/4.2 3.5/3.5
Hydraulic system(including tank) 270.0 71.3 59.4
Hydraulic tank 180.0 47.6 39.6
Transmission 3.8 1.0 0.8

Reinforced box - section frame is all-welded, low-stress. Rear dozer blade and outrigger are available. A bolt-on design. Front outrigger lug is pin-on.

Dozer blade A very useful addition for leveling and back filling or clean-up work. Can be mounted on the rear.
Outrigger Indicated for max. operation stability when digging and lifting. Can be mounted on the front or the rear.

Operating weight (approximate).
Operating weight, including 5.65 m (18’ 6”) boom, 2.90 m (9’ 6”) arm, PCSA heaped 0.80 m3 (1.05 yd3) backhoe bucket, lubricant, coolant, full fuel tank, hydraulic tank and the standard equipment.

Major component weight
Upperstructure 8,950 kg (19,730 lb)
Counterweight 3,400 kg ( 7,500 lb)
Boom (with arm cylinder) 1,480 kg ( 3,260 lb)

Operating weight.

Undercarriage Operating Weight, kg (lb)
Front - outrigger+Rear-blade 20,500 (45,200)
Four outrigger 20,600 (45,400)



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